What is this Legacy Fund?

Fr. Chuck Gallagher, S.J., developed the Worldwide Marriage Encounter program after attending a series of conferences created by a young Spanish priest, Fr. Gabriel Calvo. Fr. Chuck realized that by building on the power of this program, the Sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders could be strengthened, the entire Catholic Church would benefit, and that this mission could ultimately change the world.

Fr. Chuck's vision was to strengthen the Sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders, and his mission was to change our world. This is the legacy he left our world and our movement. The Fr. Chuck Gallagher, S.J. Legacy Fund was created to honor the founding father of Worldwide Marriage Encounter, and to ensure that his work continues.

Proceeds from this Legacy Fund will:

  • Help fund leadership training.
  • Enhance our ministry and our outreach.
  • Encourage better stewardship.
  • Provide a vehicle for giving.

This Legacy Fund provides an opportunity to:

  • Make a permanent gift from lifetime assets.
  • Provide on-going support for Worldwide Marriage Encounter.
  • Leave a legacy that will help change the world.

We Believe

  • in the future of the WWME ministry
  • in providing opportunities that were once only dreams
  • in being good stewards as the family of Worldwide Marriage Encounter
  • in continuing the heritage we enjoy for future generations
  • that our assets are a trust from God.

You Can Help!

Please help continue Fr. Chuck's work.

Or download PDF pledge/donation form in English or Spanish


Father Chuck Gallagher S.J.